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Level Architects provides full-service architectural and interior design services for home renovations, new construction, and multi-unit developments. We are flexible regarding the extent to which you utilise our architectural services. We describe the 'process' of a typical residential construction project from inception to conclusion.

Our team is made up of the best and most well-trained residential architects and new home designers in Sydney.

New homes

New residences architectural services

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Whether you are renovating, expanding, our team of architects will design a residence that meets your exact specifications.

Domestic renovations

Architect for home extensions & renovations

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Level Architects is skilled in the design of multi-residential projects that enable developers to maximise yield.

Multi-dwelling architecture

Multi-residential architects

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At Level Architects, we think that every business or industrial project is a team effort. We don't design alone. We work with each client to find out what they need so we can make a plan to help them do well in their business.
Commercial, industrial & office fit out

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The design process follows a series of phases including:

Concept Design

We work with you to translate your specifications into a three-dimensional solution that meets your needs and your budget during the concept design phase. We take into account the overall design and openings, as well as how they relate to essential site-specific elements like cross-ventilation and natural light.

Design Development (DD)

After exploring the possibilities, it is time to add the concept's necessary details. We create the design by incorporating all the small decisions that, when combined, will make the space a perfect fit for you. Options are narrowed down to the option that best fits the overall design. The tensions between design elements are resolved. This phase also incorporated council requirements into a constructible design. Your design is now ready for development approval submission.

Development Application (DA)

The procedure for approving a development can be complex. Councils are sometimes inconsistent. There are varying interpretations of the regulations. Frequently, criteria can also include bushfire, flood, or mine subsidence. Our designs are created with the regulatory environment in mind. We speak the same language as town planners and certifiers, which aids in getting your design approved quickly and with minimal hassle or changes.

Construction Certification (CC)

The Construction Certificate or (CC) is the permission to start building. Because the approval process is complicated and most people don't know what they're doing, some homeowners try to start building with the D.A. approved plans. When the owner sends (DA) drawings to the Council or a private certifier to get a Construction Certificate, they will find that the D.A. drawings don't have all the information needed for this purpose. This can cause delays and confusion when the owner tries to add the information needed to get a (CC) to the (DA) drawings.


We will make sure the work is done on time, on budget, and meets the agreed-upon scope of works.
  • Tender documentation
  • Selection of builder
  • Construction documentation
  • During construction site work
  • Contract administration